Current research

We work on interdisciplinary research in integrative system design toward practical impact

Aerosol particles on water-repellent surfaces for offshore wind energy and antiviral applications

We are studying the interaction of aerosols with nanostructured, chemically modified surfaces. With aerosols ranging from sea spray to respiratory droplets, their sizes fall within the nanoscale range. When these aerosols come into contact with water-repellent nanostructured surfaces, the enhanced surface area, electrostatic force, and chemical interaction can result in complex behavior. To better understand this phenomenon, we are using various experimental techniques to study the influence of nanostructures on aerosols. So we can gain more knowledge to design durable offshore wind turbines.

Wearable healthcare devices for non-invasive monitoring

Sweat contains vital information about the human body, and we are currently developing microfluidic methods to capture and store sweat for electrochemical sensing to aid in health monitoring. Our research also involves the development of wireless charging and energy storage devices for integrative healthcare devices. By combining these technologies, we aim to create advanced healthcare devices that can monitor and analyze sweat in real-time, providing valuable insights into an individual’s health.

Implanted devices

We work on designing innovative applications for implanted devices that provide mechanical support and imaging capabilities. These devices are intended for invasive use, and we aim to develop novel solutions that can improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Life tech

We are developing downstream applications that can improve people’s lives, such as 3D printing and innovative food cooking. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, we aim to create solutions that can enhance the quality, safety, and accessibility of food. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall health and well-being of individuals through our research.

Previous research

Some of our previous research are highlighted in these videos. If you cannot access YouTube, please see our research on Bilibili

Life Tech

Food 3D Printing


Graphene Mask

wearable electronics

Flexible wearable sensors

solar desalination

Solar Steam Generation

Additive manufacturing

Laser 3D Printing